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JWNZ Code of Conduct


Jewellers and Watchmakers of N.Z. Inc. Members are requested to abide by the following Code of Conduct:

  1. The retailer must be able to supply the product, which are the subject of the advertisement.
  2. If the product is available on request then the advertisement must make this clear.
  3. If the product numbers are limited then this should be disclosed.
  4. You should not make any reference to the value of the product. Valuation is a subjective exercise and must not be used as a basis for marketing product.
  5. Statements as to origin of product should, if made, accurately reflect the product source and the essential characteristics of the product should reflect its origin.
  6. Goods should be of merchantable quality and should be capable of being used for the purpose intended.
  7. Material references as to price, reason for sale, duration of sale, terms of a special or unusual nature shall be sustainable in fact and not be illusory or fictitious in any way.
  8. As a guide-line product being marketed on a "was" and "now" basis should have been in store and available to the consumer for 1 month prior to the reduced price promotion. You should note that this is a guide-line only and that extreme care should be taken in promoting goods on a "was" and "now" basis.     The test as to whether or not a product was available will be based on your market and on your being able to establish that the product was available for sale and was sold or could have expected to have been sold at that price and in your market. The value of the individual item and the rate of stock turn will have a bearing on this judgment.
  9. Where a manufacturer's recommended retail price is used as a basis of representation the retailer must be able to produce evidence that such price was applied to goods that were sold or which were available for sale in commercial quantities in the market.
  10. Where you advertise on a price comparative basis then you must be able to prove the substance of that price comparison.
  11. You cannot over price imported goods in order to discount them at some later date.
  12. You should not compare imported product with local product unless there is a similarity of quality.
  13. The disciplines and obligations referred to herein shall extend to the provision of services and at the provision of non advertised products.